Exclzyme Systemic Enzymes Dosage Chart

Systemic enzymes are no newcomer in the world of alternative health and wellness. However, healthcare practitioners are becoming more aware of the mechanisms behind their benefits, as well as appropriate dosage. Exclzyme is the leader in joint formulas in the enzyme world – with thousands of people across the globe experiencing its benefits, it’s no wonder Exclzyme has become a household name in holistic treatment.

When taken on an empty stomach, Exclzyme’s enteric-coated contents withstand the acidic environment within the stomach and enter the small intestine. Within the small intestine, the neutral pH triggers the release of these enzymes, and they are absorbed through the small intestine and into the bloodstream. Perhaps systemic enzyme’s largest battle with traditional medicine was the controversy regarding their absorption. Thanks to several clinical trials, enteric-coated systemic enzymes have been proven to safely enter the bloodstream and exert anti-inflammatory properties after oral administration.

Once in the bloodstream, the enzymes are able to travel to the site with the most inflammatory signaling and begin to block this process, while removing excess scar tissue. Because the enzymes have a property called “specificity,” they are able to work upon only tissue with an exaggerated inflammatory response and excess scarring, while leaving healthy tissue alone. The result is decreased pain molecules (amines), increased range of motion, decreased scarring, and most importantly – less pain.

Now that systemic enzymes are better understood, we are able to provide general guidelines for dosage. It’s important to note that everyone’s experience with systemic enzymes will be different. Variables such as the presence and severity of scarring, the amount and perception of pain, weight and size, etc. will all be factors to consider when it comes to therapeutic dose, especially.

Exclzyme dosage chartWe begin with a “starter dose,” which is basically just the introduction of the supplement to the body. If you are new to systemic enzymes, it’s important to slowly ease into a maintenance and therapeutic dose. Overwhelming the body with a new supplement may cause slight gastrointestinal discomfort. It’s possible that you may feel results during this stage, but most people must reach their maintenance or therapeutic dose for maximum benefit.

After the body has become accustomed to your new routine with systemic enzymes, a slight increase in dosage may occur. This stage is known as the “maintenance stage,” because this is the dosage that you’ll want to eventually come back down to in order to maintain the benefits. Each stage is equally important, and it’s critical that you don’t jump from a starter dose to a large therapeutic dose. Be sure to give your body the chance to acclimate to each dosage prior to an increase.

Finally, there is the therapeutic stage. This is the highest dosage, and works best if it’s split up throughout the day. Morning, afternoon and night dosages are preferable – to ensure that the supplement is active in your circulatory system throughout the day. Remember that Exclzyme must be taken on an empty stomach, so many find it easier to just take a morning and night dose, which is also sufficient. As noted before, everyone’s dosage timeline will differ, so it’s up to your discretion to decide when it’s time to lower the dosage back down to a maintenance dose. It’s important to listen to your body throughout all stages, and allow enough time in each stage to note any changes.

Can I take Exclzyme with other supplements? The rule of thumb is that anything that has to be digested – for example a drink or a powder, should not be taken with Exclzyme. You may take Exclzyme with other supplements that require an empty stomach, as there is no interaction. As far as vitamins, you receive most benefit from vitamins when they are taken with food, so although you may take Exclzyme with your vitamins, you will not be receiving maximum benefit from your vitamin supplement when you take them on an empty stomach.


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