Systemic Enzymes: Fibrin – Nature’s Molecule for Inflammation and Injury

Fibrin is an essential protein that is produced during inflammation.  As a blood clotting protein, the body utilizes fibrin to contain blood loss and keep infection at bay, especially after an injury.  Fibrin accumulation is the initial first step in the body’s attempt to recover.  However, when inflammation has become prolonged – fibrin, along with other proteins such as collagen, can begin to transform original soft tissue into a tough fibrous matrix.  Differentiated and sequestered apart from healthy tissue, this fibrous matrix still maintains the biological markers of inflammation, such as swelling, redness and pain.  And as long as this kind of inflammation persists, nutrients and other chemical building blocks are still needed for healthy cells and tissue.

To address this problem, systemic enzymes have been formulated with an ample supply of various proteases to facilitate the body’s immune defenses and to breakdown free-roaming circulating immune complexes (CICs). These CICs form during the immune response and can keep the body in a constant state of inflammation.  Serrapeptase highlights all the proteolytic  (protein degrading) enzymes with its unique and superior fibrinolytic power.   This formulas also contains papain and bromelain – both traditionally known for their systemic properties.  To add even more enzymatic action it contains lipase and amylase for the complete digestion of extra cellular matter and to augment the body’s own enzymes.  And lastly, for extra synergy, our formula offers rich antioxidant support with rutin and amla – both well-known for their unique bioflavanoid content which are excellent additions for cell and tissue build-up and recovery.

A complete systemic enzyme formula helps keep the body healthy and balanced.


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